About Us

At True Heart Health we believe your heart is the key to living your best life.

Your spiritual heart and physical heart are the power plant to your quality of life. We are dedicated to providing the tools to transform your life.  To  strengthen and build endurance so you can lead yourself well, have better relationships, and positively contribute to your community.

True Heart Health = Holistic Heart Health:

We know if you take control of your life and lead it well, you can make a positive impact on yourself, your relationships, your workplace, and with your neighbors. Let’s face it the challenge we all have is actually taking control and leading yourself well. We believe your heart is the key, your spiritual heart and physical heart. We offer resources to help you believe in yourself, help you strengthen and build endurance for your spiritual and physical heart.

Spiritual Heart Health: It is our believe that if our lives, families, workplaces, neighborhoods, and communities were filled with spiritually healthy people our world would be more gracious, empathetic, forgiving, and peaceful. Our focus would not be just on me but on we. All major world religions believe loving your neighbor and the golden rule. If we would engage with our spirituality on a consistent basis our hearts can be tuned to a love your neighbor and golden rule mindset. We can and want to help!

Physical Heart Health: Our hearts are the power plant that drives life giving blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the rest of our bodies.  To live quality years, we must pay attention to this vital organ.  By taking care of our hearts effectively we will build endurance and strength.  If we would engage with our physical heart on a consistent basis, our hearts can be tuned to be strong and ready to engage with our families, co-workers, neighbors, and communities.  We can and want to help!

What I believe: My spirituality is tied directly to Jesus of Nazareth. I believe God created us all, loves us all, and we are all equal.  His son, Jesus, died on a cross for our sins and rose again.

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