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As I mentioned in my July 21st blog, the four cornerstones of trust for me are time, honesty, transparency, and caring or compassion.  Meaningful and trusting relationships are essential to our health. Transparency is about showing your cards or opening the curtain or unlocking the door.  It’s about letting others see everything and that you aren’t hiding something.  I’m in a work situation right now where multiple people walk away from critical meetings saying, “there is something they aren’t telling us because this is not adding up.”  Let me tell you that does not give me a sense of I trust you.  To me that means there is a motive you are to prideful to share or embarrassed to share.  There is no vulnerability, no transparency and therefore lower trust.

Relationships are always a two way street.  I can be transparent with someone, but doesn’t mean they will be transparent with me.  We can only do our part, but I have found if I’m transparent it makes it easier for the other person to be transparent or at least more transparent back.  If we want a meaningful relationship, then we’ll often have to be the first one willing to be transparent.  Most of the time it will pay off.  Lead the way!

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