True Heart Health - What make you stop and go hmmm

What on a daily basis gives you inspiration or makes you contemplate life or stop in amazement or ?

What makes you realize how small we are and there is something much bigger going on?

Here are the 4 that get me every time, and I try to get at least one of these in my life everyday:

  • Nature – I live with woods 11 feet behind my house and there a paved path through the woods. So I can either just stare out the window, go on my patio, or walk about 100 yards into the woods.
  • Stories – If you get me weekly newsletter you’ve likely noticed a theme of my book of the week being a real life stories of transformation or just interesting people and what made them tick.
  • Songs – I’m a fan of the storytellers in country music.  The songs with heart, soul, meaning, and depth.  This one is really an extension of the previous bullet point, stories.  They are short stories put to music.
  • Kids – last but not least, kids.  I’m fortunate and blessed to now have two grand kids (2 year old, 7 day old).  Sure they wear me out, but being around a child and paying attention to what they are paying attention to, priceless.

Those four things often make me stop and go “hmmmm, there’s something much bigger going on here.”  God is in everyone of those things inspiring us and making us stop and contemplate a bigger picture.

Lead yourself well, engage, transform…don

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