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As I mentioned in my July 21st blog, the four cornerstones of trust for me are time, honesty, transparency, and caring or compassion.  Meaningful and trusting relationships are essential to our health.  We can spend all kinds of time with people but if we aren’t being honest with them they will eventually figure it out.  When they figure it out, and they will, most likely it won’t be a meaningful and trusting relationship from their perspective.  I’ll bet you’ve figured a few of those people out in your lifetimes.

This is a tricky one because we’ve all seen or been in relationships where quote unquote “too much honesty” early in a relationship can push people away, but no honesty and then all honesty later produces the same results.  This is were emotional intelligence comes in, or our ability to read our own emotions as well as the other person or read the room and respond accordingly (I know I’m oversimplifying, sorry).  There has to be a mix of grace and truth in all relationships, and especially in meaningful and trusting relationships.  Truth (honesty) without grace, bad.  Grace without truth, bad.  My rule of thumb is grace leads the way.  The old saying “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” is grace leading the way.

Lead yourself well, engage, transform…don

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