True Heart Health - I Want to Break Free

The answer is “yes”.  The question is, “have you ever gotten into a funk and want to break free of it?”

We all get into funks – aka: periods where we just exist and get by day to day.  I feel like I’m in one now.  One of the key aspect of trying to lead yourself well is recognizing this and breaking free as soon as possible.  Many times easier said than done.  The good news is you recognize it, but please don’t ignore it.  Step back and assess your situation, and aim at something that will break you free of it.  Then take the appropriate action or actions to actually do it.

My funk is not laying around eating Cheetos and watching TV.  My funk is allowing work to dominate my thoughts and take my aim off of this.  I have limited time in the day to focus on True Heart Health, and lately my time for True Heart Health is being dominated by thoughts of work situations.  Then it’s too easy to skip past the important stuff because I’m distracted or mentally tired.

I feel sorry for those folks who don’t recognize they are in a funk because they are comfortable and just existing.  I was there for many years.  The next thing you know you’ve simply existed for 20 years (or more).  Recognize it, assess, and then aim!  Don’t fool yourself into thinking something will magically change.  Change it yourself and of course pray about it.

Lead yourself well, engage, transform…don

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